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We Want You!

We are not yet fully operational so we might not be able to get to everyone right away (as much as we may hope to), but we want you to participate. The reason we’re here is because those fucking assholes (Thiel, Bollea, Dunham, Spanfeller) who broke our hearts failed to understand who we are. Or what we are. A fucking community. We all enjoyed Deadspin articles over the years, but if you ask most people why they stuck around, they’d say the comment section. They can take away our writers, our sites, and god forbid even Kinja, but they’ll never tear us apart!


If you have something you’d like to contribute, leave it in the comment section below. If it is a complete article you have posted on your own account, just drop the link and we’ll cross-post it. If you don’t want to handle the comment section on your own just say “please post in VIA” and we will duplicate your post filed to VIA/ “Courtesy of your Kinja handle:”


If you have something off topic you wish to share with the community, feel free to drop that below and we will try to hoist it to the “DOT/Courtesy Of”

If you have a suggestion or request or complaint please share them below rather than on blogs.


There is only one rule, actually one rule. Please do not reply directly to comments below. We know some things will be shared here that we all want to discuss, but things get missed as the threads bounce around. It would be a lot kinder of you to reply directly to this blog to keep it all in one linear thread. If you forget and reply to a comment below, please don’t be offended if your replies get dismissed. It’s the only way we can think of it running smoothly until we are fully operational. Kinja is seemingly a permanent work in progress, so please bear with us as we navigate it. Many of us have not delved deeply into the Mines of Moria that is our blog spot before, so it’s all OJT learning.

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